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Why act now?
Climate change is happening.

To avoid the worst effects of climate change we need a climate neutral world.  Every level, from national governments to corporations to individuals, has a role to play.

Climate neutrality is not about zero emissions. It is about reducing current emissions to the point where we reach the ultimate balance between emissions and the absorptive capacity of the Earth.

To achie​ve climate neutrality, we must measure what we emit and then reduce those emissions. Even with our best efforts to reduce, daily activities and business operations will result in unavoidable emissions. This is why offsetting, only after measuring and reducing, is key for climate neutrality.


Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change Secretariat 

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The Paris Agreement sets the goal of a climate neutral world sometime mid century (2050), well before 2100. This means the transition to a climate neutral and climate resilient world is now universal and irreversible.

- Christiana Figueres
Former Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change Secretariat