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Take Responsibility For Your Climate Footprint

We are all responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Nearly everything we do, from driving a car to growing food, produces these gases.

You can start taking responsibility for your footprint now. Take the Citizens Climate Pledge and join hundreds of individuals who are taking action today.
Take the Citizens Climate Pledge
Taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions is similar to the contributions we make to ensure that our garbage is properly dispossed of and our wastewater is properly treated.

First, estimate your carbon footprint to understand your impact on the climate and to be able to identify areas where you can reduce it. This is your first step in taking action

Use our online calculator to measure your climate footprint.

Second, when you calculate your climate footprint, you identify sources of your emissions, as well as opportunities to reduce them. Reducing them is your second step in taking action.

The third step in taking action is called offsetting. When you offset, you take responsibility for the remaining emissions that you cannot avoid, by buying United Nations-certified climate credits.
Buy United Nations certified offsets
These offsets are created by projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere in the world. These projects either remove emissions from the atmosphere, for example by absorbing them in trees. Or they avoid new greenhouse gases by, for example, replacing fossil fuels with solar or wind energy.
These projects are located in developing countries. In addition to reducing emissions, many also contribute to education and health improvements in local towns and villages. Some also improve local air and water quality or protect the local environment.

Projects undergo an internationally agreed rigorous assessment to determine how many emissions they avoid. Once they are approved, projects receive an equivalent amount of climate credits. For every ton of carbon dioxide avoided, they receive one credit that you can use to compensate for your unavoidable emissions.
Take responsibility for your climate footprint and build a brighter future.