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Your Three Steps to a Climate Neutral World



Measure your climate footprint

Carbon footprint is the set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities. It can be calculated for a product, service, person, event, business, or even a country.

Estimate your carbon footprint to understand your impact on climate change and to be able to identify areas where you can reduce them. This is your first step in taking action.

Individuals or small organisations may use our online calculator to measure their climate footprint.​



Reduce emissions as much as possible

When you calculate your climate footprint, you identify the causes and sources of your emissions, as well as opportunities to reduce these emissions. Taking those opportunities is your second step in taking action. 

For advice and support on measuring and reducing carbon emissions, you may contact ICROA​ (International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance), Carbon Footprint, Enviro-Mark Solutions, Factor CO2, Swiss Climate, Infinite Solutions, ConversioAtmoterra, No Planeta B and South Pole Group.



Offset what you cannot reduce with UN Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)

Offsets must meet stringent standards to ensure environmental integrity and credibility.  Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) meet high environmental integrity standards approved internationally under the UNFCCC. Buy offsets online from CDM projects.

Offsetting projects are located in developing countries that often cannot afford to reduce emissions on their own. Your contribution helps these projects to continue reducing emissions. In addition, many projects also contribute to sustainable development priorities such as education and health improvements in the communities that host them. 

Some also offer substantial additional environmental benefits such as improved air and water quality or protection of biodiversity. The sale of climate credits generates local income and supports economic growth in poor communities.​