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Celebrating Climate Neutral Events

Events bring us together. At events, we connect with each other, build community and celebrate great achievements. Some events are small meetings among colleagues, while for others, as with the Olympics, the world is watching.

Regardless of an event’s scope, it is important for event organizers to take responsibility for its climate footprint. Organizers are measuring and reducing their event’s footprint as much as possible, and then offsetting the emissions that are unavoidable.   

The following events have estimated their greenhouse gas emissions, taken measures to reduce them, and offset the unavoidable portion to go climate neutral:

  •  2014 FIFA World Cup
  • 2015 Mobile World Congress
  • 2015 Train to Paris, UIC
  • 2015 Climate Week NY
  • 2016 Signing Ceremony for Paris Agreement
  •  2016 High-Level thematic debate on advancing SDGs
  • IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016
"We at Indian Dance Festival association think that no one can do everything but everyone can do something. It is important to act now and act together towards climate neutral future. With our indian dance festival this year fcm_rgbf_s-jpeg.jpgwe wanted to raise awareness of climate change and do our best to make the festival climate neutral. We want to encourage people to stay positive and do everything they can for the environment. Dancing can be a way to express natures suffering caused by climate change but it can also be a way  to spread joy of working together towards a greener world."
 Indian Dance Festival Core Team

IUCN takes its commitments to addressing climate change and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals very seriously. Clearly the IUCfcm_rgbf_s-jpeg.jpgN World Conservation Congress 2016 could not have contributed to achieving this without being 100% climate neutral, which was possible in large part, thanks to the Climate Neutral Now initiative. With the IUCN Congress in Hawaii, we have set a high standard for sustainable events around the world. We have shown that global debate, which is critical for ensuring a sustainable future, can take place without placing additional pressures on the planet.”
 IUCN Director General Inger Andersen
 "Each one of us, as well as every organisation, fcm_rgbf_s-jpeg.jpg
has to take responsibility for the world we live in and lead by example. By joining the Climate Neutral Now campaign, we pledge to continue to strive towards becoming greenhouse gas emissions neutral by the mid-21st century. We also commit, as we did in Brazil in 2014, to measuring, reducing and offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions at the next edition of the FIFA World Cup, scheduled to take place in Russia in 2018. Beyond that and through the power of football, we also aim to inspire greater awareness and best practices in sustainability standards."
Ms. Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura, Secretary General, FIFA
"Green Fashion Week promoted the message ofcm_rgbf_s-jpeg.jpgf sustainability through designers’ collections who showed creativity and innovation while fulfilling ethical standards. It was another example that environmentally friendly fashion is possible and beautiful and does not have to compromise on glamour and style. Green Fashion Week is proud to join hands with Climate Neutral Now initiative to promote climate action on every front and invites other fashionistas to do the same."
Mr. Luca Molinari, Green Fashion Week
"Moving for Climate Now is an initiative that has fcm_rgbf_s-jpeg.jpgbrought together a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to combating climate change, who have completed an expedition on electric bicycles from Seville to the recent 2016 COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakech (Morocco). Classified as a “labelled event” by COP22, this initiative has been organised by the United Nations Global Compact Network Spain and Iberdrola. Under the motto Moving for Climate NOW, this team has come together with the clear goal of raising awareness of the importance of the climate challenge, the need to join efforts from all sides and to act with ambition and urgency in order to halt climate change. As stated in the Manifesto, the Moving for Climate NOW team is spreading the message: “Let’s all move, pulling all the levers as soon as possible.
 We have cycled to say this because the bicycle is an example of good technology, beneficial for people’s health and well-being and also for the climate. Moreover, by signing the pledge of Climate Neutral NOW and offsetting the event´s carbon footprint we want to lead by example and invite other organisations to demonstrate climate action leadership so that we can reach climate neutrality by mid-century."

United Nations Global Compact Network Spain and Iberdrola
Watch the Climate Week Announcement Event in UN Headquarters in New York and find out how can sports too contribute in the fight against climate change