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Acting now costs less than in the future, and generates shareholder value.

Companies are discovering that contributing to a climate neutral world makes good business sense.
To avoid the worst effects of climate change, science tells us that we must limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). To do this, a long-term goal of a climate neutral world is required by the end of this century.
Any business can contribute to climate neutrality in three steps:
  1. Measure the organization's climate footprint;
  2. Reduce emissions as much as possible, ideally consistent with less than a 2 degree limit;
  3. Offset what cannot be reduced with UN Certified Emission Reductions.
For step one, companies may choose from a variety of tools and protocols to measure their climate footprint. For step two, we encourage companies to consider setting emission reduction targets aligned with climate science.

Join the following companies who participate in Climate Neutral Now!

“Microsoft is committed to making our operations carbon neutral: to achieve net zero emissions for our data centers, software development labs, offices, manufacturing plants, and employee business air travel in over 60 countries around the world. We reach our carbon neutral commitment by driving accountability through our internal carbon fee model that charges our business groups for their Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with their energy consumption. Beyond our own operations, we see a significant opportunity to accelerate the development of renewable energy and support carbon offsetting and sustainable community development, particularly in emerging nations. By investing in community projects, we are contributing to low-carbon sustainable economic development.”


Tamara “TJ” DiCaprio, Sr. Director, Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft Corporation


adidasgroup_logo_bwp.png“The adidas Group has long been recognized for its leadership when it comes to corporate social and environmental responsibility. And with the vision of our Green Company Initiative to become a carbon neutral company, we are committed to continue to measure our carbon footprint, to reduce our carbon emissions and to compensate unavoidable emissions.”
Herbert Hainer, CEO adidas Group 

"Sony has continued to take actions based on our “Road to Zero” environmental plan that aims for a zero environmental footprint by 2050, and curbing climate change is one of the four important perspectives* that we take into account when responding to environmental issues. 

In our latest set of environmental mid-term targets Green Management 2020, we continue to commit measuring our carbon footprint, reducing our emissions, and make proactive use of renewable energy where applicable. 

Achieving our new targets requires Sony’s spirit of innovation and challenge. 
Sony dedicates the same innovative spirit found in our products, services and content to our efforts to achieve the targets listed in Green Management 2020 and continues our journey on the Road to Zero.

* The four perspectives are namely: curbing climate change, conserving resources, controlling chemical substances and promoting biodiversity." 

Sony Corporation
We are grateful for all of our Climate Neutral Now champion companies: 












Caring for Climate initiative

Want to join 400+corporate leaders in climate action?

Join the Caring for Climate initiative. Gain more exposure for your company's climate-friendly actions and join businesses from over 30 sectors in more than 60 countries. 

Set goals, develop and expand strategies, share best practices and publish your company's emissions along with other leaders of climate action.

Are you already measuring and reducing?

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